Monday 25 June 2018

DIY - Pretty Planter Ideas…from Drab to Fab!

         My love for plants is well known, I am surprised how I did not mention it in my about me page,   and dressing them up with cute, pretty planters is something I have wanted to do for a long time. We can take those dreadful, plastic, containers from drab to fab. Here’s how.

         You will need old containers, look around you house they are always there. Paints, I used acrylic paint, scissors, old cloth, good old glue or fabric glue will do too. And lots of imagination can’t do without that.

         Painted the plastic containers, directly with acrylic paint in shades that I love. One of them I covered with cloth, though I will be honest it was a pain to stick cloth on plastic maybe I should have used fabric glue. The paint however went on like a dream, but you will need two coats of paint.

         Then braid the cord just tie a knot at the end, hook it on a door knob and start braiding it. I felt like those small girls who braid Rapunzel’s hair in Tangled. Even that was fun!

         Wait for the paint to dry and then paste the cord on. They came out so pretty and the corner of my balcony looks absolutely fabulous. Once you pop the plant in it, it’s just magic. I loved and enjoyed this DIY. It was pure glee for me.

          For those who are scared that the plants may die on you this works well with faux plants too. So hope you like this post there are endless possibilities, all you have to do is try. Go Green!

          Wish you all happiness and glee always.