Wednesday 5 December 2018

Christmas Decoration 2018 – DIY Christmas wreath

No Christmas decoration is complete without a Christmas wreath and if it’s a DIY even better. In continuation of my previous Christmas Decoration post here is an easy Christmas wreath DIY. If you have missed my previous post do check that out too as it is my most popular post.

So let’s get started. You will need:

A ring, I used an embroidery ring, leaves that can act as foliage both faux or fresh leaves will do, any artificial flowers going with the red, white and green theme I used flowers in those colors and any Christmas ornament.

First I covered the ring only with the leaves by circling around the ring. 

I separated the flowers by turning them around till they came apart. It was easy. Then place in the flowers in such a way that you can structure the leaves and flowers as you please. Keep at it and arrange it till you are happy with the shape.

Insert extra leaves wherever needed. The wires in the flowers helped to hold on to the ring. Lastly add the Christmas ornament. I went for these bells but you could also use a bow in gold or any Christmas decoration/ ornament of your choice.

And there you have an easy Christmas wreath done all by yourself. Here is an image of it against a white door.

Hope you liked this DIY Christmas wreath and hope you try it as a part of your Christmas Decorations 2018.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too!