Thursday 13 September 2018

Fuel your passion with imagination and cruise along!

Fuel your passion with imagination and cruise along!  That’s easy to say as there will be bumps along the way if so maneuverer to avoid them and stay on track by keeping your eyes on the road that leads you to your passion.

With the fuel prices sky rocketing more people now feel passionate towards walking. That is not the fuel I am talking about. I think when you are passionate about something you don’t let go off it and neither does your passion let go off you.

In my case painting flowers is something I cannot get enough off. Nature in all its glory has provided me with immense inspiration and a lifetime would not be enough trying to capture them all on canvas. Writing is another one, well after writing content for others it was about time I did so for myself. I am enjoying it thoroughly.  I combined the two and came up with this floral painting with a quote. It is like a combo pack I named the painting Floral inspiration. Hope you liked this one? Leave a comment if you do.

We all have something that we are passionate about, sometimes it is just that we are too busy doing other things. Too busy working and it’s difficult to make time. I get it, but in spite of it all when you do make time for it that my friend is your true passion. Passion is just the beginning of the ride, of a journey that never ends, you are on a path of constant self-improvement and learning to get better and that’s where imagination comes in.

Imagination is the fuel that helps you keep the fire in your passion burning.  No matter what walk of life you are from, imagination is what makes you distinctly different.  It’s your own imagination that adds the X factor to whatever you do.

So, what is your passion? Some of us know the answer to that but there are some  that are still seeking the answer it could be travel, fitness or learning an instrument or maybe just reaching out to people. Hope you find it and when you do fuel you passion with imagination and cruise along. It will take you a long way!

Wishing you happiness and glee,


Wednesday 5 September 2018

Happy Teacher's Day 2018 …may the learning never stop.

Life is a constant learning curve and it gives us many teachers along the way. I would like to thank each one of them for enriching our lives this Teacher’s Day 2018.

Being a former Kindergarten teacher I know how special Teacher’s day is but then again when you teach little ones in school they come and hug you whether or not it’s teacher’s day. To all the special Teachers in life, a small, hand painted wish of gratitude.

Our Parents
They are the first set of teachers that shape us, nurture us, teach us our first few steps and take immense pride in it too. It is always all about the foundation.

Our Teachers
Our school teachers the same ones that we hug, when we are in kindergarten, but with homework and assignments that they give us by the time we are in high school it’s the free period that is cheered  for more than their presence. It is only after you leave school that you realise what an important role they have played in shaping your future. Teachers are the ones who change and shape a life by just being themselves…that is a good teacher. Thank you! No wonder then that they get lavished with such praise and love on teacher’s day they deserve every bit of it.

Our Spouses
Well if you are thinking how in the world did they qualify here? Then, think again. It could be that irritating driving lesson that finally got you started or that perfect cup of tea that you have mastered any kind of teaching however small or big needs to be given credit.

Our kids
Yes! You have come a full circle when your kids become your teachers how else could you crack how to use Instagram? Mostly they will be your gadget gurus because they are always tech savvy. Kids teach you to approach everything with fun and glee.

Whichever categories you fall in, all I say is “Thank you teacher”! May you have a Happy Teacher’s day 2018 and may the learning never stop.