Wednesday 29 August 2018

DIY (do it yourself) Desk organizers

Here are some easy DIY (Do it yourself) Desk organizers which anyone can do. Having a clean and organised desk/workspace can make one more productive and moreover it looks awesome too, so lets get rid of the clutter and get more creative and organised.

You will need:

Old tins or you could try it with old plastic containers too, however tins are sturdier. Paper, ruler, old cardboard box, glue and scissors. Scissors are sharp so take the help of an adult if required. I used these old tins and this pretty paper.

 All you do next is measure the paper with the tins and stick the paper on to the tins neatly, it is just that simple. It cannot get easier that this.

There just like that, you have a pretty organizer for your pens and pencils. The little organizer is for easy access. I put all the glue in there, its a great help to find it quickly. What would I do without glue?

The black and white organizer is one that I had made some time back. It’s the same concept. I just used an old cardboard box and covered it with paper. You could use an old shoe box.

This DIY works for anyone who needs a more organised desk, more so if you are a student with a whole lot of books these organizers are a good one as you can find the required books and stationery in just a glance.

When everything has a proper place you can reclaim your desk and make it a happy place to hang out. Yes! that is an important place to hang out as that is where all the action happens.

So, will you try these easy DIY desk organizers? Hope it inspires you to do so and helps to keep your desk looking organised and cool.

As always wishing you happiness and glee.


Thursday 23 August 2018

Raksha Bandhan 2018 Threads of love.

Raksha Bandhan is an Indian Festival. It is about the bond between sisters and brothers. Simply put it is about threads of love with no strings attached that come straight from the heart.

Threads of Love 

Siblings! You know how they are; they grow up with you they are irritating and fun all at once. They just arrive into your life or you into theirs and there is no looking back. If they are around they get on your nerves (well, sometimes) don’t lie. When they are not around, you miss them.

Most of the time the big brothers have your back, or if you are the elder one then you have theirs, that is an instinct that come naturally. They turn protectors at the drop of a hat. Even if it was that hat that you were fighting about in the first place.

It’s all those little tiffs over silly things which don’t even matter and about the thing that you laugh about when you grow up.  Sharing is caring! Oh is it? Why does all the lovely stuff suddenly get divided equally?  You know because of whom?

However, it is in this sharing of life and in the “this is mine and that is yours”, where the warmth of a brother and sister or for that matter any siblings lies. The love that you share always gets it back to what it should be … OURS. Not yours and mine …but just ours.

Painted with acrylic to give a water color effect
It’s nice that we have this wonderful festival in India which celebrates the bonds between sisters and brothers too make our brothers and sisters feel special. Here is my art work for all the sisters and brothers who are celebrating the Raksha Bandhan Festival 2018 and especially to mine!

Wishing you happiness and glee,


Monday 20 August 2018

DIY (do it yourself) paper bag with old newspapers

Plastic bag ban yay for that should have happened much earlier. Wanted to DIY an easy paper bag (my version) with the good old newspaper.

I first thought of painting the newspaper with some cool things, but changed my mind and left the newspaper in its usual wordsy style. Yes I know that’s not a word, but it is now!

We will need one full newspaper with all its pages, Scissors, glue, cardboard for the base of the paper bag, a thick box or book, this is only as a guide to help us fold the paper bag properly, a punch, a ruler and cord for the handles of the bag.

Lay out your newspaper as shown in the picture below. Place the thick box or book on the paper, this box  is just to act as a guide and to help us glue the sides of the paper.

Fold the top part of the paper; about a one inch fold, this is the fold where we will eventually attach the handles. The box has to be in the middle of the paper.

Next get a clean fold at the base of the bag, just like wrapping a gift and stick the edges with glue on both sides. Stick only the paper folds, do not stick the paper to the box. Use a ruler to press down the folds. It should look like this.

Now remove the box or book out carefully you will see the basic structure of the bag. Cut out a cardboard of the size of the base of the your paper bag, just eyeball it, and put it in the bag, this gives the paper bag a sturdy base. Also cut 2 strips of cardboard 1 inch wide for the fold where we need to attach the cord which act as the handles of the bag. Stick it inside the folds for the handles of the bag as shown below.

The above image shows the inside of the paper bag with the cardboard at the base and the carboard for the handles of the bag. Punch in the holes with the help of a punch then treadle the cord and tie a knot towards the inside of the bag and we are done. 

Strength test: I put in the flowers and some other things including the punch inside the bag just to see if it could carry the weight and it held on fine. How’s that to pack a punch! 

How cute does the paper bag look? I know the lilacs make the bag look cooler; no denying flowers make everything look good. A DIY should be easy; cost effective, practical. This one is quick and environment friendly too. Did you like this easy DIY paper bag with old newspapers? Hope you put those old newspapers to use.  Until next time I wish you happiness and glee always.


Monday 6 August 2018

5 easy ways to makeover any space

With the festive season about to kick off, we are all in the mood to splurge a little and we get bored of seeing the same settings in our homes or for that matter any space. At least I do. If you are one of those people too and are wondering how to give your room a quick makeover then here are 5 easy ways to makeover any space.

1 Cushion on a mission.

Now we could go all the way and give the room a full makeover and all that jazz, but you could use some easy tricks by making just a few changes and the easiest way to do it is with Cushions. Buy a few, trendy looking ones and something to go with your mood. Cushions can make your mission for a refreshed space possible. Sorry I can’t help it saw Mission Impossible 6 and as always Tom Cruise blew my mind. Don’t let him distract you cushions are what we are talking about!

2 A little paint can make everything right.

 I not only believe this, I know it’s true! Even if you paint just one wall of your room, you can see it transform before your eyes. A cool way to makeover your space.


3 Art and curios will make others curious

If you don’t have the inclination to have splotches of paint and painters all over your space then the easy way out is to invest in artwork from those who like making a mess with paint. On a serious note home décor can make a huge difference. Buy some interesting pieces for the much desired effect.

4 Be a bookworm

If you like books good for you and even if you don’t you can still be a bookworm, get those old books out and use them to give a makeover to your space. Books instantly give a cosy, lived in look. Yes! books as home décor now how easy and fun is that?

5 Plant a plant in every space.

Cannot emphasize enough, plants are my go to thing they make every space cooler and greener by just plonking them in your homes, workspace or any space and it will do the rest. Go ahead and plant a plant in every corner. It will take that space notches higher.

So hope you try all or any of these 5 easy ways to makeover your space.  Which one will you try first and which was the easiest for you? Wishing you happiness and glee as always!


Thursday 2 August 2018

How To Make Friendship Day MemorableThis Year?

Hey Everyone,

I certainly do not need just one day in a year to tell my friends how special they are to me. But if there is this one day to glorify friendship, then so be it.
Making Friendship Day memorable just for one day does not seem fair but one can definitely try. I think these should work not just on this day but all round the year.

Make that call
Among friends why in the world do you need a friendship day to call a friend? Don’t wait for a birthday or friendship day just  pickup that phone and call, wait! Even pick up sounds weird considering our phones are always in our hands. So just make that call you have always wanted to. Even if it is a few days late it will still make them feel as if they are walking on air. I always feel like that when I hear from one after a long time.

Write a note
Yes, you do that with just a simple pen and paper. Putting pen on paper is not only limited to an exam, in today’s day and age, it could be the best surprise that one could get. A hand written message is always special.

Do it yourself (DIY)
Buying gifts is the easy way out but doing it your self will make it memorable. It could be as small as this card I hand painted for all my special friends. They are your friends; they will know the sentiment behind even a small gesture. Then there are also those who will tell you on your face how badly you have failed in your DIY….well that’s how friends are supposed to be.

Just meet up
What can be better than meeting friends on Friendship Day? Talking at the top of your voices and laughing even louder and thinking my God that other table is making such a noise. That’s a memorable friendship Day hands down!

By just being a good friend
I think the best thing about friendship day or friendship is being a good friend all the year round. Just to know that you have a friend who will be there for you no matter what, is indeed something you can cherish. Even only remembering them, makes friendship day so nostalgic and memorable.

To all my friends who have enriched my life, thank you and HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY.