Friday 24 January 2020

Top 10 Latest fashion trends 2020 for you to try this New Year

The New Year is already zooming by and fashion trends keep coming and going. It is for you to decide which trend to follow and which to let go. There are many trends doing the rounds but I got it down to  the top 10 latest fashion trends 2020 for you to try this New Year.

Latest fashion trend   no. 1 for 2020: Sheer

Garments made from sheer material like lace and chiffon that are transparent and see through will rock 2020. Dresses in sheer material do give a feminine feel to any look.

Latest fashion trend   no. 2 for 2020: Trench coat

While the weather is still cold one can sport this classic garment. The trench coat is being seen with a more amped up version in 2020. Sophistication is achieved easily with this one.

Latest fashion trend   no. 3 for 2020: Mini Skirts

With the temperatures going up, so will the hem line this year as the mini skirt will take over from the demure midi length in skirts that we saw a lot last year.

Latest fashion trend   no. 4 for 2020: Leather

Leather is planning to stick around in 2020 as a fashion trend and not just in pants but in skirts, coats and more. So is it going to be leather in any weather for you?

Latest fashion trend   no. 5 for 2020: Floral

No, I am not being biased and putting floral on this list as a trend just because I like flowers a lot! Florals are forever and will always be a fashion trend. Florals in sheer material is already huge in 2020.

Latest fashion trend   no. 6 for 2020: Stripes

If the Tiger does not change its stripes, neither does it seem to be in the case of the Fashion trend and in a good way! Stripes are being sported from the fashion runway to street fashion. They are everywhere.

Latest fashion trend   no. 7 for 2020: Waistcoat

Now this is an interesting one, fashion always goes about in circles, so time to pull out that waistcoat from the back of your wardrobe. Are you exited for this one?

 Latest fashion trend   no 8. for 2020: Turtle necks

The good old turtle neck T shirt is being sported more than ever as a fashion trend this year. It is also worn under a shirt it looks smart either way.

Latest fashion trend   no 9. for 2020: Polka Dots

One of my favourite fashion trends the Polka dots is still a rage and has been seen in all stores across the globe. This classic print is a never fail. This one is a must buy, we can all go a little dotty once in a while!

Latest fashion trend   no 10.for 2020: Crochet

If you thought crochet is just something your Grandma taught you then think again. Crochet with its old world charm, and Bohemian appeal is one of the fabulous fashion trends for 2020. Will you give this one a go?

My favourite of the top 10 latest fashion trends 2020 to try this New Year are the waistcoat, floral and sheer. What about you? Which one is your favourite? I am curious to know.  Do comment and let me know. Share this post with your family and friends if you like it and stay on trend this 2020.

Wishing you happiness and glee always,


Sunday 12 January 2020

Floral Route - Solo Exhibition of floral paintings in acrylic

Floral Route - The name of my first Solo Exhibition of 37 floral paintings. It was my artistic   journey the creative way! The exhibition was an amazing experience and I was overwhelmed by the warm and wonderful response it got. Sharing some of the paintings featured at the Exhibition.

Floral Route - Celebration
36 x 24 inches
Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas.

This exhibition was possible only because of God’s Grace and I am filled with gratitude for that. Let me take you down this route one more time….. Welcome to Floral Route.......

Nature and the riot of colours that flowers have to offer, has held me spellbound for a long time and painting florals in acrylic is a passion that has stayed with me. Floral Route is also a celebration of recurring happiness, colours, positivity and joy that I felt in the whole process. Painting each petal and every brush stroke was a pleasure.

Turn On Happiness
36 x 24 inches
Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

The first encouragement to paint came from my Parents. Floral Route could take shape due to the unflinching support of my husband and kids. Pursuing one’s passion is not easy, it needs relentless pursuit and unconditional support from family both of which I had in loads and so very grateful for that.

The Exhibition was inaugurated by my Dearest Mother and my Dearest Father–in–law. Starting out with the blessings of the elders felt right. Ultimately it was family, friends and so many others who graced and visited the exhibition that really made it special. Thank you so very much to all who came and to all who could not make it, we missed you.

As it was covered by the press, people from all walks of life visited the exhibition. It was wonderful to see Parents who came along with their kids, such a lovely way to encourage them towards art with a visit to the art gallery. The direct feedback from all who visited was a surreal experience. They were so warm and generous in their compliments. I was really humbled and overwhelmed that so many took time off from their busy schedules to visit Floral Route. All I can say is a Big Thank you for the encouragement it is greatly appreciated.

Autumn Love
36 x 24 inches
Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

36 x 24 inches
Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

Hope you enjoyed the Floral Route - Solo Exhibition of  floral paintings in acrylic. Thank you once again. Wishing you happiness and glee as always!