Monday 7 September 2020

Top ten fall trends in fashion that you must know while you are at home.


Hey everyone, hope you are all well and safe. It has been a long time since my last post.Here are my top ten fall trends there is no harm in knowing them while we are at home. Moreover, I am most certain that at least a few of these trends are already in your wardrobe. 

Fall trends in fashion no. 1: Velvet

This soft to touch fabric Velvet is our first fall trend.  It's rich tones and natural softness makes it a lovely fabric to try this fall and winter.

Fall trends in fashion no. 2: Embellishments

Embellishments make it to the trends this fall. Whether you use it daintily and in a subtle way or in a bold and in your face manner is up to you. What do you think of this fall trend?

Fall trends in fashion no. 3:  Flowy dresses

Dresses that give a flowy, floating feel are big this fall season.  The fabric used in them, give the garment movement so one gets that flowy look.  Will you give this  fall trend a go?

Fall trends in fashion no. 4: Ruffles

Ruffles refuse to budge from the fashion scene and stay put as a fall trend. We can see them across the spectrum in all garments including Saris too.

Fall trends in fashion no. 5: Victorian Collars

Victorian collars in tops and dresses is our next fall trend in fashion. This pretty, neckline collar looks very regal and romantic at the same time. Are you game for this one?

Fall trends in fashion no. 6: Fringe

The fringe at the ends of shawls, jackets, dresses and bags is our next fall trend in fashion. Any fringe benefits you may ask? I guess the compliments you get and the extra element of interest can be considered as fringe benefits. So will you go for the fringe?

Fall trends in fashion no. 7: Capes

If you think that only super heroes in their capes can look cool, then think again as capes this fall and winter can make you look cool by keeping you warm at the same time. Capes as a fall trend in fashion can elevate your look instantly.

Fall trends in fashion no. 8: Dramatic sleeves

No drama please!  Only dramatic sleeves! Yes Dramatic sleeves as a fall trend in fashion are really big. When I say big I mean real big, humungous sleeves were seen on the ramps. I don’t know if those are practical but watch out for dramatic sleeves. They look pretty if the proportion is right.

Fall trends in fashion no. 9: Knits

This is no surprise Knits do trend in the fall. However the old grandpa knits are also having a moment this year in the form of cardigans used as a top by itself and not as a layering piece.

Fall trends in fashion no. 10:  Shearling Outerwear

Our last fall trend in fashion is shearling outerwear. Even at the cost of looking oversized and bulky this comfortable, cosy, warm and cuddly outerwear makes it to the list.  

My favourite fall trend in fashion is the Victorian collar. So what do you think of the top ten fall trends in fashion? Do let me know which was your favourite? Which one would you like to try? 

Wishing you all good health, happiness and glee.