Tuesday 3 July 2018


Hey Everyone,


With World cup fever at its peak and with the exit of Ronaldo and Messi from the World Cup, a lot is being said and here is what I have to say.  There are a lot of life lessons we can learn from them, and when I say we, it’s me included, on top of the list.

1) Dealing with Criticism.

These two greats teach us to keep on at their job and how! Especially, when the whole world is quick to criticize them on a bad day. How they take this criticism and come back strong to entertain us by their talent is something worth emulating. Ronaldo does it with his fine attitude and Messi with his strong silence. Most of all they silence their critics by their performance. When you give them titles like GOAT (Greatest Of  All Times) then on their bad days leave them alone to graze, they will be back to lock horns more formidable than ever.

2)  Discipline

Can you imagine the kind of discipline they follow to be at their peak? It is very easy to munch a packet of chips and judge them from our couches, when they themselves probably never eat them to be in top condition. Ronaldo has won a Noble Prize for physical perfection.  It’s fabulous! Maintaining that kind of fitness and for so long is awesome. Ron absolutely inspires me to walk that extra mile toward good health.   Messi may not have that chiselled Physique, but is a fit, tough cookie, the defenders have a tough time getting the ball off his feet or knocking him off them. They battle injuries and are going on for the longest time. Fitness forever should be our goal.

3)  Competition only makes you better.

Football is a team sport and there are so many brilliant players, but this Ronaldo vs. Messi war is on forever, and as my title suggests it should be Messi and Ronaldo not versus.  These too have thrived off each other and their sheer presence as competition pushes them harder. If they were not around at the same time I don’t think it would be half the fun. They have managed to reign supremacy and shine through because of the competition.  

Sports and Sportsmen have numerous life lessons for us and I am so glad my kids and husband  like football, change that to love football. May they be enriched with everything that the great game offers. These two stalwarts of this game inspired these two small sketches, one for Ronaldo’s jaw dropping free kick in the World cup and one for Messi for just being Messi the name says it all. Just gave it my own spin.  More power to both of you, continue to inspire us, stay blessed. 

My World cup predictions keep changing and two of them have already been knocked out. Brazil is still going strong. Now an Mbappe fan, so I have added France to my prediction list. My kids’ say that’s not allowed, and that I cannot keep adding to a prediction list! But I am not listening to them, giving them a taste of their own medicine. Ha Ha! 

Do write let me know your predictions for the world cup.

Wishing you all happy football memories and as always happiness and glee.



  1. Nice one grace!
    Loved t sketches...

  2. Excellent Grace
    Very well written and illustrated

  3. Very good analysis for lessons of life...Real good work from you.keep it up

  4. Well, most games when played in their true spirit teach us important life lessons and the gladiators are just the means to provide them. Though I don't follow football as much as cricket, but sure know little about the greatness of Ronaldo and Messi, great athletes and greater ambassador's of the game.

  5. Though I am not a football fan, I could easily correlate the metaphors here. Good analysis. Keep writing.

  6. And yes the pic is wonderful!

  7. Very nicely written...alesson to be learnt!!!

  8. Grace, good article about life lessons from such a universally loved sport. I wont deny that, i was disappointed to see these teams knocked out even though I am not a football fan. But you cant keep a champion down and they always rise back like the phoenix.