Wednesday 5 December 2018

Christmas Decoration 2018 – DIY Christmas wreath

No Christmas decoration is complete without a Christmas wreath and if it’s a DIY even better. In continuation of my previous Christmas Decoration post here is an easy Christmas wreath DIY. If you have missed my previous post do check that out too as it is my most popular post.

So let’s get started. You will need:

A ring, I used an embroidery ring, leaves that can act as foliage both faux or fresh leaves will do, any artificial flowers going with the red, white and green theme I used flowers in those colors and any Christmas ornament.

First I covered the ring only with the leaves by circling around the ring. 

I separated the flowers by turning them around till they came apart. It was easy. Then place in the flowers in such a way that you can structure the leaves and flowers as you please. Keep at it and arrange it till you are happy with the shape.

Insert extra leaves wherever needed. The wires in the flowers helped to hold on to the ring. Lastly add the Christmas ornament. I went for these bells but you could also use a bow in gold or any Christmas decoration/ ornament of your choice.

And there you have an easy Christmas wreath done all by yourself. Here is an image of it against a white door.

Hope you liked this DIY Christmas wreath and hope you try it as a part of your Christmas Decorations 2018.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too!


Wednesday 28 November 2018

Christmas Decoration DIY Ideas 2018

Christmas is just round the corner and it’s nice to get a head start with Christmas DecorationDIY Ideas 2018. Every year I love doing these and I am so happy I can share them with all of you.

A Christmas Centrepiece

You will need the following:  A box, some cloth, some faux green leaves or fresh will do too, candle, flowers and some Christmas ornaments of your choice.

You go from this.

To this and add the décor of your choice. This centrepiece will really set the tone to usher in Christmas.

A Christmas painting

I love the plaid material (a material with checks on them) in the winters and the red and green checks scream Christmas. I thought it is a cool idea to paint this with a white Poinsettia flower (Christmas flower) that just pops against the background. Hand painted on stretched canvas. Loved how it turned out. It adds a nice Christmas vibe with its colours. 

A Santa is a must.

I use this Santa DIY every year made with an old painting frame. Since, I don’t have a chimney its only right to have a pop up window for Santa to pop through.

Hope you like the Christmas Décor DIY Ideas 2018. If you like the content please consider sharing and follow the blog too. You can also connect on Facebook page and Instagram. If you try any of these do let me know I would love to see your creations too.

Hope the Christmas spirit lingers in your homes and hearts all throughout the year, Merry Christmas everybody!

Wishing you happiness and glee,


Tuesday 6 November 2018

Trying something new

For many of us trying something new is a real challenge. New things come with the unknown we might not be comfortable with but it is in the challenge of trying something new that pushes our boundaries to come up with something wonderful.

red floral handpainted christmas flower

I have been painting flowers all my life! Well for most of it anyway but until this challenge of painting a Poinsettia flower (also known as Christmas flower) I had never painted one before. So the point I am trying to make with the Poinsettia flower is that a challenge of the unknown and trying something new can get the creative best out of you. I will surely be painting more of these.

Maybe it’s a new haircut, dress or a look, that something new could be just the thing you need.  Like when my niece told me about a photography contest. The contest was to photograph any food in blue background.  Yes doubt did creep in what if there are professional pictures. Pacified myself by saying what the heck! Every ones comes up with different thought process and fresh ideas. 

I went ahead and painted my own DIY (do it yourself) blue background and took this food shot. The blue makes the yellow corncob pop.

So many loved this picture and many said it uplifted their mood that was feedback enough making the whole process of trying something new worthwhile. Moreover when you enjoy the process it becomes an experience  that no one can take away from you.

A photo can speak a thousand words they say and for those who don’t like to read in between the lines or in fact don’t like to read at all ( I know there are many of you out there) A photograph can do all the talking. Why in the world would Instagram be trending otherwise… it’s all about a picture!

 Peach at all costs!
 12 x 12 inch 
 Acrylic on canvas board.

Those pretty peach flowers I used in the above photo, sets the tone and the colour scheme for my next painting. So I rightly named this painting Peach at all costs! I love the pastel peach with the blue. Hope you like this painting too.

Whatever floats your boat if its words or pictures this blog post has both. If you like the content please share it with others who will appreciate it. So are you going to try something new?

Wishing you all happiness and glee.


Friday 19 October 2018

Diwali DIY Décor Ideas

Diwali the Festival of Lights  is celebrated with great fervour in India. The Festival of Lights certainly needs some Diwali DIY Décor Ideas and here are mine for the season.

Let there be Light:
We do need those bright lights to glam up Diwali so  here is a simple DIY you can do with mason jars (old jam bottles) of any size, these gift bags and some LED fairy lights, which are battery operated as they generate less heat in comparison to plug in fairy lights. Do remember, to turn off the LED lights from time to time to avoid over heating.

All I did was insert the bottle in the gift bag and the lights inside the glass bottle. Secured it with some tape. I also did another version with some lace trim on it. It looks pretty during the day but with the lights on it looks magical.

Let there be flowers:
The Marigold flowers add  the right amount of colour and festive mood by its sheer presence. Here I stringed it with these simple yet pretty doilies and some glue. You could make a few and drape them to make it just a little different than just marigold garlands. The white and yellow offset each other beautifully.

Let there be Art:
A Painting can change the look of a particular space just by popping it there. Painted these series of small canvas painting, they are cute and compact and make great gifting option too! Which did you like the most?

Let there be cosy corners:
All festivals can get a little overwhelming with all the cleaning, shopping, food, gifts and decorations. If it does maybe you add the décor element only to a few cosy corners making them stand out.

Diwali is all of the above but above all it’s about the family and the special time we spend with them. Hope you like these Diwali DIY décor ideas. Wishing you all a Happy Diwali full of happiness and glee.  


Tuesday 2 October 2018

Navratri 2018 Jewellery and Outfit Ideas.

 Navratri is an Indian festival it literally means 9 nights it involves a whole lot of dancing and beautiful outfits and jewellery. Every year it is fascinating to see the fashion trends during the Navratri festival so I thought doing a Navratri 2018 jewellery and outfit ideas would be a nice idea!

A colourful customized outfit:

Now, I enjoy the whole process of buying the material and the border for the skirt and its matching duppattas (stole) so I got this tailor made. I went in for this bright, crimson skirt and a striped, colourful blouse so that there are more options to buy a contrasting chunni or duppatta (stole). Any of these go well with the outfit. I kept the blouse simple but you can go all out by adding trends like frills and other details to it.

For those who find it a hassle to do the above.

A readymade outfit:

When in doubt a black skirt is always a lifesaver paired with this Forever21 top it looks simple but still striking. Now how cropped you want that top is up to you!  The pop of gold at the end is dazzling.

The local markets are full of gorgeous outfits you can choose from one really feels like a kid in a candy store. Endless possibilities all you have to do is take your pick.

Jewellery Options:

What is an outfit without the jewellery and for Navratri one can really go all out. The chunkier the better and even if the outfit is simple it can be glammed up with the jewellery. Here is a shot of some of the jewellery that I loved and hope you do too!

 Footwear options:

1)  For those who love flats:

2)  For those who love heels:

Hope you end up with some gorgeous outfits and jewellery this Navratri and when you do, dance away the nights in them we don’t just want them to remain Navratri 2018 jewellery and outfit IDEAS do we?

Happy dancing everyone!

Wishing you happiness and glee always,


Thursday 13 September 2018

Fuel your passion with imagination and cruise along!

Fuel your passion with imagination and cruise along!  That’s easy to say as there will be bumps along the way if so maneuverer to avoid them and stay on track by keeping your eyes on the road that leads you to your passion.

With the fuel prices sky rocketing more people now feel passionate towards walking. That is not the fuel I am talking about. I think when you are passionate about something you don’t let go off it and neither does your passion let go off you.

In my case painting flowers is something I cannot get enough off. Nature in all its glory has provided me with immense inspiration and a lifetime would not be enough trying to capture them all on canvas. Writing is another one, well after writing content for others it was about time I did so for myself. I am enjoying it thoroughly.  I combined the two and came up with this floral painting with a quote. It is like a combo pack I named the painting Floral inspiration. Hope you liked this one? Leave a comment if you do.

We all have something that we are passionate about, sometimes it is just that we are too busy doing other things. Too busy working and it’s difficult to make time. I get it, but in spite of it all when you do make time for it that my friend is your true passion. Passion is just the beginning of the ride, of a journey that never ends, you are on a path of constant self-improvement and learning to get better and that’s where imagination comes in.

Imagination is the fuel that helps you keep the fire in your passion burning.  No matter what walk of life you are from, imagination is what makes you distinctly different.  It’s your own imagination that adds the X factor to whatever you do.

So, what is your passion? Some of us know the answer to that but there are some  that are still seeking the answer it could be travel, fitness or learning an instrument or maybe just reaching out to people. Hope you find it and when you do fuel you passion with imagination and cruise along. It will take you a long way!

Wishing you happiness and glee,


Wednesday 5 September 2018

Happy Teacher's Day 2018 …may the learning never stop.

Life is a constant learning curve and it gives us many teachers along the way. I would like to thank each one of them for enriching our lives this Teacher’s Day 2018.

Being a former Kindergarten teacher I know how special Teacher’s day is but then again when you teach little ones in school they come and hug you whether or not it’s teacher’s day. To all the special Teachers in life, a small, hand painted wish of gratitude.

Our Parents
They are the first set of teachers that shape us, nurture us, teach us our first few steps and take immense pride in it too. It is always all about the foundation.

Our Teachers
Our school teachers the same ones that we hug, when we are in kindergarten, but with homework and assignments that they give us by the time we are in high school it’s the free period that is cheered  for more than their presence. It is only after you leave school that you realise what an important role they have played in shaping your future. Teachers are the ones who change and shape a life by just being themselves…that is a good teacher. Thank you! No wonder then that they get lavished with such praise and love on teacher’s day they deserve every bit of it.

Our Spouses
Well if you are thinking how in the world did they qualify here? Then, think again. It could be that irritating driving lesson that finally got you started or that perfect cup of tea that you have mastered any kind of teaching however small or big needs to be given credit.

Our kids
Yes! You have come a full circle when your kids become your teachers how else could you crack how to use Instagram? Mostly they will be your gadget gurus because they are always tech savvy. Kids teach you to approach everything with fun and glee.

Whichever categories you fall in, all I say is “Thank you teacher”! May you have a Happy Teacher’s day 2018 and may the learning never stop.


Wednesday 29 August 2018

DIY (do it yourself) Desk organizers

Here are some easy DIY (Do it yourself) Desk organizers which anyone can do. Having a clean and organised desk/workspace can make one more productive and moreover it looks awesome too, so lets get rid of the clutter and get more creative and organised.

You will need:

Old tins or you could try it with old plastic containers too, however tins are sturdier. Paper, ruler, old cardboard box, glue and scissors. Scissors are sharp so take the help of an adult if required. I used these old tins and this pretty paper.

 All you do next is measure the paper with the tins and stick the paper on to the tins neatly, it is just that simple. It cannot get easier that this.

There just like that, you have a pretty organizer for your pens and pencils. The little organizer is for easy access. I put all the glue in there, its a great help to find it quickly. What would I do without glue?

The black and white organizer is one that I had made some time back. It’s the same concept. I just used an old cardboard box and covered it with paper. You could use an old shoe box.

This DIY works for anyone who needs a more organised desk, more so if you are a student with a whole lot of books these organizers are a good one as you can find the required books and stationery in just a glance.

When everything has a proper place you can reclaim your desk and make it a happy place to hang out. Yes! that is an important place to hang out as that is where all the action happens.

So, will you try these easy DIY desk organizers? Hope it inspires you to do so and helps to keep your desk looking organised and cool.

As always wishing you happiness and glee.