Wednesday 29 August 2018

DIY (do it yourself) Desk organizers

Here are some easy DIY (Do it yourself) Desk organizers which anyone can do. Having a clean and organised desk/workspace can make one more productive and moreover it looks awesome too, so lets get rid of the clutter and get more creative and organised.

You will need:

Old tins or you could try it with old plastic containers too, however tins are sturdier. Paper, ruler, old cardboard box, glue and scissors. Scissors are sharp so take the help of an adult if required. I used these old tins and this pretty paper.

 All you do next is measure the paper with the tins and stick the paper on to the tins neatly, it is just that simple. It cannot get easier that this.

There just like that, you have a pretty organizer for your pens and pencils. The little organizer is for easy access. I put all the glue in there, its a great help to find it quickly. What would I do without glue?

The black and white organizer is one that I had made some time back. It’s the same concept. I just used an old cardboard box and covered it with paper. You could use an old shoe box.

This DIY works for anyone who needs a more organised desk, more so if you are a student with a whole lot of books these organizers are a good one as you can find the required books and stationery in just a glance.

When everything has a proper place you can reclaim your desk and make it a happy place to hang out. Yes! that is an important place to hang out as that is where all the action happens.

So, will you try these easy DIY desk organizers? Hope it inspires you to do so and helps to keep your desk looking organised and cool.

As always wishing you happiness and glee.