Thursday 2 August 2018

How To Make Friendship Day MemorableThis Year?

Hey Everyone,

I certainly do not need just one day in a year to tell my friends how special they are to me. But if there is this one day to glorify friendship, then so be it.
Making Friendship Day memorable just for one day does not seem fair but one can definitely try. I think these should work not just on this day but all round the year.

Make that call
Among friends why in the world do you need a friendship day to call a friend? Don’t wait for a birthday or friendship day just  pickup that phone and call, wait! Even pick up sounds weird considering our phones are always in our hands. So just make that call you have always wanted to. Even if it is a few days late it will still make them feel as if they are walking on air. I always feel like that when I hear from one after a long time.

Write a note
Yes, you do that with just a simple pen and paper. Putting pen on paper is not only limited to an exam, in today’s day and age, it could be the best surprise that one could get. A hand written message is always special.

Do it yourself (DIY)
Buying gifts is the easy way out but doing it your self will make it memorable. It could be as small as this card I hand painted for all my special friends. They are your friends; they will know the sentiment behind even a small gesture. Then there are also those who will tell you on your face how badly you have failed in your DIY….well that’s how friends are supposed to be.

Just meet up
What can be better than meeting friends on Friendship Day? Talking at the top of your voices and laughing even louder and thinking my God that other table is making such a noise. That’s a memorable friendship Day hands down!

By just being a good friend
I think the best thing about friendship day or friendship is being a good friend all the year round. Just to know that you have a friend who will be there for you no matter what, is indeed something you can cherish. Even only remembering them, makes friendship day so nostalgic and memorable.

To all my friends who have enriched my life, thank you and HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY.



  1. Very apt. In today's e world these thoughts of yours are really apt
    Will try a few lines ideas

  2. Friends forever.. We are and require no special day to celebrate. Meet up ... Very well penned down. Grace indeed this is goforglee haaa haa and all the noise we would make when we meet.

  3. Wow. nice article

  4. Wow so beautifully expressed.
    😍😍 Happy Friendship Day.
    Beautiful card.🌺🌸💮

  5. Did I miss it? When was Friendship Day? Coz, and a True Friend - Grace :)
    God bless.

    1. It's on Sunday Alan.. thanks.. God bless you too