Sunday 29 July 2018

Dream On!

Hey everyone,

Dream on is something we should all do. It could be as small as getting this painting completed or as big as Croatia making it to the finals of the world Cup.
Size 24 inch x 18 inch
Acrylic on deep stretched canvas

This painting is named DREAM ON for few reasons. One being, it has that Dreamy fantasy like vibe going on, and also because this is the longest I took to complete a painting. Sometimes, one just gets stuck and it takes an eternity to complete it. The reasons may be numerous but one has to shake off those roadblocks and overcome them. How? Maybe the following could help!

Look at the problem from a different angle:

For me that was easy to do, I can and did actually flip the canvas around.  Now you please don’t go about doing handstands and head stands to get a better angle. But if you are good at that, maybe you could. Looking at it from a different view is what I am saying.

Look at it from a different perspective:

Dream on, was a large canvas to work on so I left it completely for a few days for some refreshed ideas. What can be more refreshing than nature? I went ahead and painted this tiny, plant painting. It got done quickly and plants on a canvas or off them are totally my thing!  Interestingly this painting is named HANG ON.  So first it’s DREAM ON, then you Hang on to those dreams and then you go get them.


Work hard towards achieving them:

Yes, Dream on is something we should all do…. hang on to them and then the most crucial part is to WAKE UP and achieve them. One can’t just be in dream land or La La land. Staring hard at the problem or in thin air does not count as hard work and hardly works. However small your goals might be little steps toward them will go a long way in achieving them.  

It feels good to finally complete this painting! It makes me both happy and contented to do so. Both the paintings are dear to me and could elevate any space. But then again that’s just my opinion. Please let me know what you think of them. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did painting them.

Dream on people and as always wishing you happiness and glee.



  1. Wow so beautiful.U r such a grt artist. I loved both the paintings. Simply awsome.

    1. Thanks Maruti, your words mean so much to me

  2. Urna.banerji@gmail.com29 July 2018 at 22:40

    Beautiful colours and a motivating write up Grace...keep posting ur inspiring msgs

  3. lovely dear! loved both the paintings and your photography too. what a nice flair you have for writing.. you have tied up both the art works with a perfect write up. always a pleasure to see your creations grace!!

    1. thanks for your lovely comment Jyotsna.