Monday 4 February 2019

Farmhouse DIY ideas home decor trend 2019.

If you like the cosy lived in, rustic look for your home then these farmhouse DIY ideas home decor trend 2019 are the right thing for you.

I love the farmhouse style in home decor, the idea for this post started when I found this old baking tray as I was de- cluttering. My hubby had put it in the junk pile as it was looking old and worn out.  I squealed with delight when I saw it. What was junk to him was joy to me.

Now why I screamed for joy was because nothing screams farmhouse more that this kind of galvanised tin stuff. It was also the right size that I was looking for. I thought it had great potential. So let’s go from junk to joy with these farmhouse DIY ideas.

A floral farmhouse style Centrepiece:

I filled the tray with faux greens and flowers and it looked so good. It’s amazing what a few flowers and leaves can do. This can make any corner of the house look good.

A DIY rustic sign board:

For this I took a 12inch x 12inch canvas board, mixed some acrylic white and black paint to make a lovely grey and painted it. It does not have to be neat. In fact we are looking for that shabby chic look in this case.

I further distressed it with the pallet knife, and marked out lines 3 inch apart and used a black pencil to draw the line when the paint was dry.

It turned out so lovely just the way I wanted it. For the lettering I used cord, you could use different words that matter to you like BLESSED or THANKFUL but I went for HOME.

I braided the cord this way and formed the letter “home” and stuck it with glue. The candle too I wrapped with the same cord and the floral painting also blends in well into the setup. You could place them all together like I did or individually too.

Hope these easy farmhouse DIY ideas home decor trend 2019 inspire you to try out some of them for that effortless style in your home decor. If you like the content, please share it with others who would like it.

Wishing you happiness and glee,