Friday 20 December 2019

Christmas Decoration DIY (do it yourself) ideas 2019

   Hey Everyone,

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone for visiting the Exhibition Floral Route. 37 floral paintings in Acrylic were on display. By God’s Grace the Exhibition went off very well, it was an amazing experience and I was overwhelmed by the wonderful response it got. I will surely write a blog post completely dedicated to it but right now it is time for the Christmas decoration DIY ideas 2019 so let’s get on with it.

Christmas decoration DIY idea- 1) Circle of happiness.

All you need is an embroidery ring, lace and some faux flowers and leaves.

Just wrap up the ring with the golden lace and stick on the flower and leaves. It looks pretty and is ready in minutes. An easy DIY to try as a last minute decor this Christmas.

Christmas decoration DIY idea 2)- Christmas Wreath

For this I used the same basket that I used in the Diwali Decor just a few changes go a long way. I just added lace and leaves around it. The transition from one festival to the next was easy.

The wreath gives a warm feel with its woody tone and the Christmas colours in the lace against the green foliage makes it look pretty.

Christmas decoration DIY idea 3) -  A Christmas centre piece.

I used the same box as the one used last year which is an old cardboard box covered with gold cloth. This year I used white and red flowers. Changing the colour scheme can add a new look. You could go for a white and gold look too.

This centrepiece gives a festive look to the table and room.

You could also check out last year’s Christmas decoration DIY ideas 2018 they are just as relevant. It is one of my top post! You will find it to the right of the blog.

A Christmas painting:

The Poinsettia flower with its vibrant red colour sets the tone for the festive season. This painting is called Seasons  Greeting. I thought it was a fitting name to it.  Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas 12 x 12 inche.

Hope you like the Christmas decoration DIY ideas 2019 and the painting too. Do share it with your friends. Be sure to comment which one you liked the most.

Wishing you all, A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year filled with happiness and glee.


Monday 21 October 2019

Diwali DIY Decoration ideas…..Lets Sparkle!

With the festival of lights, Diwali almost upon us, I am very happy to share my Diwali DIY Decoration ideas. The Diwali post was appreciated last year too. Check out last year’s post, those DIYs are just as relevant this year too. Hope you like this year’s Diwali DIY Decoration ideas too.

Diwali DIY Decoration idea No. 1: Taking centre stage with a Diwali Centrepiece.

I am using this metal baking tray which is as old as the hills and looking like them too. But going on with the JUNK to JOY series everything has a purpose and can be up cycled into something useful.

I chose to cover the old baking tray with this marble print contact paper. Contact paper has its own adhesive so all I did was peel it and stick it.

Just added the flowers and for the light source you can use any battery operated candle or lamp. The marble contact paper, flowers and the lamp add the sparkle back to the old tray and this centrepiece would look pretty on any table.

Diwali DIY Decoration idea No. 2: Not a basket case!

The second DIY, seconds the fact that everything has a purpose and this simple basket can also be used as a decoration. Its wooden texture adds a nice Boho chic touch.

I just hung the basket on a nail and arranged the flowers this way. It’s a very simple idea but it does glam up the place.

As marigold flowers are used a lot during Diwali, I went with the yellow, orange and white theme. Fresh Marigold flowers would look awesome too.

Last year I used fresh Marigold flowers and as I was doing the DIY, I caught a fat, green worm which was wrapped around the flower. After many screams I completed that DIY with pincers. All DIYs are not that easy ok. Since I am not that ECO friendly with all green things (except HULK I like him) and so that no green things sentiment or mine were hurt, artificial flowers were used in this project!

A festive painting: MARIGOLD  SPARKLE!

Painted the marigold flower, it’s such a lovely round, chubby and bright coloured rich yellow. It really does sparkle and makes everything more festive. So I named the painting Marigold Sparkle.

Sharing some night shots, one can really appreciate light at night. Fairy lights add the magic and sparkle.

Do comment and let me know if you like the painting and the Diwali DIY Decoration ideas.  Share it with family and friends. The previous DIY room decoration ideas link is here in case you missed it.

Wishing you and your families a sparkling Diwali filled with happiness and Glee.


Thursday 3 October 2019

Easy DIY (do it yourself) room decoration ideas without glue.

Hey everyone,

If you have a room maybe a dorm room, a balcony, living room or any room that is in need of of a little  decoration then this post is just right for you.  These are 2 easy DIY room decoration ideas without glue. Yes so no chip chip or sticky business. Just pure creative fun!

So I recently bought 2 wooden coasters and yes they are used to put hot vessels on it I know that ..…but I could vision some 3 to 4 DIY  room decoration ideas when I saw these wooden coasters and so I am sharing them with you. I could also make a part 2 of this  post, comment below if so.

Now let’s get started:

DIY decoration idea without glue No. 1: Hanging planter shelf

You will need 1 wooden coaster, this coaster is 7 inches in diameter and one which has grooves like this and any thick string. Length of each string is 55 inches, but you can customize it accordingly. You will need 2 such strings.

 Just treadle the string from opposite ends of the coaster so that it looks like this from the front.

And like this at the back. Then add a tight knot at the top and we are done. 

I added this beautiful Peace Lily plant, it easily took its weight  and it makes the room looks so pretty.

You could also try faux plants like this succulent. This DIY looks like it’s a floating , hanging shelf/planter all you have to do is hang it in your room and it brings the room to life.

DIY decoration idea without glue No.2: Wall decor.

You will need the same wooden coaster and any artificial flowers of your choice.

Then I just adjusted these flowers into these groves and fussed over them till I was happy with its composition. This one is a no brainer, really easy. Within minutes you have a cute wall decoration ready for your room. I did not use any tape or glue the flowers stayed on by themselves.

Here are the pictures of how it looks in my room. I liked it a lot hope you like it too.

No post or room decoration is complete without a painting so popped in a painting too. It’s a textured one that I made with a palette knife. You can’t see the texture in the above image right?

But you can see the texture in this one. It’s a cute 8 x 8 acrylic on canvas painting I named it Floral touch. I think plants, paintings and DIYs can transform any space.

Hope you try out these Easy DIY (do it yourself) room decoration ideas without glue. Please comment and share with friends who like creativity.

Till next time wishing you happiness and glee.


Wednesday 28 August 2019

Fall/winter fashion trends you should know.

Fall / winter fashions trends are here as we swing along into September. The year is zooming past, it is best we stay on top of the game and see what the fall/winter fashion trends for 2019 are, so here goes:

Fall fashion trend no. 1: Monochromatic

Monochromatic is when you use one colour from head to toe. If you want to stop traffic go for a monochromatic look in red but if that is too much then a monochromatic look in black or beige looks just as classy this fall/ winter.

Fall fashion trend no. 2: Pistachio green

Pistachio green is the colour to look out for this fall as the colour green makes its presence felt this fall/winter  2019. Who comes up with these cool names?  Don’t ask me? But the good old Pista(Pistachio) colour in all its shades is a huge trend.

Fall fashion trend no. 3: Dark florals

Floral continue to rule the roost as far as fall fashion trends go. They however take on a darker hue in the form of dark florals. The pastel flower patterns are now in darker and bolder colours. I love the floral trend and this trend is not going away this fall/winter.

Fall fashion trend no. 4: Neon

Neon is more of a summer fashion trend which is seeping into a fall/winter fashion trend. I do not prefer this one in my clothes, but I love NEON in paints so here is some art work I did on my sketch book in neon colours.  Having said so, Neon is big at the moment. Zara to H & M all have something to offer in Neon.

Fall fashion trend no. 5: Puff sleeves

Puff sleeves  our next fall/winter fashion trend can be seen everywhere.  The runway saw huge, voluminous and exaggerated puff sleeves. This trend can be customized by going for a smaller puff sleeve. It gives a cute, girly appeal to dresses and tops.

Fall fashion trend no. 6: Leather

No fall/winter  fashion trend is complete  without leather. Leather always trends every fall/ winter. It keeps you warm and adds the wow factor to your clothes just by throwing it on. Leather jackets, pants and this time even leather blazers.

Fall fashion trend no. 7: Animal print

Animal print is a classic trend that you either love or hate. Animal print will always trend no matter what the season. So are you game?

Fall fashion trend no. 8: Checks

Just like the leather trend, checks print always checks all the boxes as a fall/winter fashion trend. Checks in trousers and suits and plaid shirts are doing the rounds this fall/winter 2019.

Fall fashion trend no. 9: Tiny bags

Tiny bags are trending this fall/winter, some of the sizes of the bags are ridiculously small especially for some of us who carry our world in our bags. Even if they are not so practical tiny bags do look good in pictures.

Fall fashion trend no. 10: Feathers

Now I don’t own anything with feathers except these earrings. I will choose to ignore this trend this fall.  However, if you feel like strutting about in some go for it by all means. Feathers are seen on the hems of trousers, cuffs of tops and feathers all over too.

Hope you liked the fall/winter fashion trends for 2019.  You may love them, hate then and even choose to ignore them but you should definitely know them.

Write in to let me know which trend you like the most. Wishing you happiness and glee always.