Wednesday 28 August 2019

Fall/winter fashion trends you should know.

Fall / winter fashions trends are here as we swing along into September. The year is zooming past, it is best we stay on top of the game and see what the fall/winter fashion trends for 2019 are, so here goes:

Fall fashion trend no. 1: Monochromatic

Monochromatic is when you use one colour from head to toe. If you want to stop traffic go for a monochromatic look in red but if that is too much then a monochromatic look in black or beige looks just as classy this fall/ winter.

Fall fashion trend no. 2: Pistachio green

Pistachio green is the colour to look out for this fall as the colour green makes its presence felt this fall/winter  2019. Who comes up with these cool names?  Don’t ask me? But the good old Pista(Pistachio) colour in all its shades is a huge trend.

Fall fashion trend no. 3: Dark florals

Floral continue to rule the roost as far as fall fashion trends go. They however take on a darker hue in the form of dark florals. The pastel flower patterns are now in darker and bolder colours. I love the floral trend and this trend is not going away this fall/winter.

Fall fashion trend no. 4: Neon

Neon is more of a summer fashion trend which is seeping into a fall/winter fashion trend. I do not prefer this one in my clothes, but I love NEON in paints so here is some art work I did on my sketch book in neon colours.  Having said so, Neon is big at the moment. Zara to H & M all have something to offer in Neon.

Fall fashion trend no. 5: Puff sleeves

Puff sleeves  our next fall/winter fashion trend can be seen everywhere.  The runway saw huge, voluminous and exaggerated puff sleeves. This trend can be customized by going for a smaller puff sleeve. It gives a cute, girly appeal to dresses and tops.

Fall fashion trend no. 6: Leather

No fall/winter  fashion trend is complete  without leather. Leather always trends every fall/ winter. It keeps you warm and adds the wow factor to your clothes just by throwing it on. Leather jackets, pants and this time even leather blazers.

Fall fashion trend no. 7: Animal print

Animal print is a classic trend that you either love or hate. Animal print will always trend no matter what the season. So are you game?

Fall fashion trend no. 8: Checks

Just like the leather trend, checks print always checks all the boxes as a fall/winter fashion trend. Checks in trousers and suits and plaid shirts are doing the rounds this fall/winter 2019.

Fall fashion trend no. 9: Tiny bags

Tiny bags are trending this fall/winter, some of the sizes of the bags are ridiculously small especially for some of us who carry our world in our bags. Even if they are not so practical tiny bags do look good in pictures.

Fall fashion trend no. 10: Feathers

Now I don’t own anything with feathers except these earrings. I will choose to ignore this trend this fall.  However, if you feel like strutting about in some go for it by all means. Feathers are seen on the hems of trousers, cuffs of tops and feathers all over too.

Hope you liked the fall/winter fashion trends for 2019.  You may love them, hate then and even choose to ignore them but you should definitely know them.

Write in to let me know which trend you like the most. Wishing you happiness and glee always.



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