Thursday 3 October 2019

Easy DIY (do it yourself) room decoration ideas without glue.

Hey everyone,

If you have a room maybe a dorm room, a balcony, living room or any room that is in need of of a little  decoration then this post is just right for you.  These are 2 easy DIY room decoration ideas without glue. Yes so no chip chip or sticky business. Just pure creative fun!

So I recently bought 2 wooden coasters and yes they are used to put hot vessels on it I know that ..…but I could vision some 3 to 4 DIY  room decoration ideas when I saw these wooden coasters and so I am sharing them with you. I could also make a part 2 of this  post, comment below if so.

Now let’s get started:

DIY decoration idea without glue No. 1: Hanging planter shelf

You will need 1 wooden coaster, this coaster is 7 inches in diameter and one which has grooves like this and any thick string. Length of each string is 55 inches, but you can customize it accordingly. You will need 2 such strings.

 Just treadle the string from opposite ends of the coaster so that it looks like this from the front.

And like this at the back. Then add a tight knot at the top and we are done. 

I added this beautiful Peace Lily plant, it easily took its weight  and it makes the room looks so pretty.

You could also try faux plants like this succulent. This DIY looks like it’s a floating , hanging shelf/planter all you have to do is hang it in your room and it brings the room to life.

DIY decoration idea without glue No.2: Wall decor.

You will need the same wooden coaster and any artificial flowers of your choice.

Then I just adjusted these flowers into these groves and fussed over them till I was happy with its composition. This one is a no brainer, really easy. Within minutes you have a cute wall decoration ready for your room. I did not use any tape or glue the flowers stayed on by themselves.

Here are the pictures of how it looks in my room. I liked it a lot hope you like it too.

No post or room decoration is complete without a painting so popped in a painting too. It’s a textured one that I made with a palette knife. You can’t see the texture in the above image right?

But you can see the texture in this one. It’s a cute 8 x 8 acrylic on canvas painting I named it Floral touch. I think plants, paintings and DIYs can transform any space.

Hope you try out these Easy DIY (do it yourself) room decoration ideas without glue. Please comment and share with friends who like creativity.

Till next time wishing you happiness and glee.



  1. Excellent Grace, another innovative DIY
    Very nice

  2. Hi! Grace, that's awesome and a creative Idea. Thanks for sharing through my childhood friend
    Lester. Please send me more blogs. Great keep up the spirit.

  3. Very Nice and creativ way to promote Nature in Interor decoration

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  5. Of late I am very much interested in indoor plants. Love your creative ideas Grace.

    1. Thanks Roma, some indoor plants are tricky to grow and some very easy...glad you loved the post.

  6. Grace u have special thing with flowers...innovative and beautiful as always

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