Tuesday 6 November 2018

Trying something new

For many of us trying something new is a real challenge. New things come with the unknown we might not be comfortable with but it is in the challenge of trying something new that pushes our boundaries to come up with something wonderful.

red floral handpainted christmas flower

I have been painting flowers all my life! Well for most of it anyway but until this challenge of painting a Poinsettia flower (also known as Christmas flower) I had never painted one before. So the point I am trying to make with the Poinsettia flower is that a challenge of the unknown and trying something new can get the creative best out of you. I will surely be painting more of these.

Maybe it’s a new haircut, dress or a look, that something new could be just the thing you need.  Like when my niece told me about a photography contest. The contest was to photograph any food in blue background.  Yes doubt did creep in what if there are professional pictures. Pacified myself by saying what the heck! Every ones comes up with different thought process and fresh ideas. 

I went ahead and painted my own DIY (do it yourself) blue background and took this food shot. The blue makes the yellow corncob pop.

So many loved this picture and many said it uplifted their mood that was feedback enough making the whole process of trying something new worthwhile. Moreover when you enjoy the process it becomes an experience  that no one can take away from you.

A photo can speak a thousand words they say and for those who don’t like to read in between the lines or in fact don’t like to read at all ( I know there are many of you out there) A photograph can do all the talking. Why in the world would Instagram be trending otherwise… it’s all about a picture!

 Peach at all costs!
 12 x 12 inch 
 Acrylic on canvas board.

Those pretty peach flowers I used in the above photo, sets the tone and the colour scheme for my next painting. So I rightly named this painting Peach at all costs! I love the pastel peach with the blue. Hope you like this painting too.

Whatever floats your boat if its words or pictures this blog post has both. If you like the content please share it with others who will appreciate it. So are you going to try something new?

Wishing you all happiness and glee.