Tuesday 14 February 2017

Making the most of my First Post.

Hey everyone,


This is my first post and there may be teething trouble but if there are any will sink my teeth in and solve them!

So what can you expect in this blog?

Floral paintings and me are a-true match!

Nature has given us beauty in abundance and its artist is truly inspiring holding me enthralled. Be it the curve of an unfolding leaf or the gorgeous colours in pretty flowers. So all I end up painting is floral.  Which has my kids (both boys) rolling their eyes. So in order to keep the guys interest at heart there will be a few football related post as well. All you Barca, Real Madrid, Ron and Messi fans …watch this space. Here is one on my paintings!

DIY and me go a long way! And the joy and pleasure it gives to create something unique is quite simply unique, fun and has that glee element that keeps me hooked to it.

FASHION is a fun way to express oneself in clothes, whether it’s the trending colour, cold shoulders, and bell sleeves love it all!

BEAUTY involves brushes and anything to do with colours and brushes has my vote.

FOOD always gets everyone in the mood…and so be it!

 MORE......more is just to keep us all guessing!

Wishing you happiness and glee always,


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