Wednesday 22 February 2017

What’s your trending colour for the summer 2017?

With the onset of summer are you feeling the heat already?  Well to get your mind off the heat, let’s talk about your favourite, trending colour that is blazing your wardrobe.

For me it has to be the colour yellow and to be specific as for the shade of yellow. Its Mustard colour hands down. Just can’t seem to get enough of it.

This colour seems to dominate the runway and street style fashion too! The colour of the sun is ruling Fashion and How! This colour of warmth is feared by many as it’s not an easy colour to pull off, but there will be that perfect shade of yellow for you too! For the ones who think yellow is too much for them, incorporating this shade in the form of accessories is a good idea. Anything from earrings to bangles or shoes will add a pop of colour instantly.

The yellow fever makes it presence felt in home decor too Cushions, bird cages and more. This yellow bird cage is the cutest thing I have seen, available at @home stores and those pretty yellow flowers drew me like a magnet at the Westside stores.

So this summer are you joining the yellow buzz? So, step out into the sun and don’t forget your SPF and shades after all it’s a sweet sunshine colour.

So do let me know what’s your trending colour for summer 2017?

Wishing you happiness and glee always.



  1. Orange after a gray rainy winter is my summer color - like Marigolds and sunsets.

    1. I agree, orange is a comforting, happy color after the rains, an apt description too!