Friday 6 October 2017

Football at home

Hey Everyone,

With the Under 17 Fifa world  Cup being held in India kicking off  today. I have to write this one. Football at home you might think what that is all about?

Well when you have two sons who looooveeeee football it’s not anything new. You are constantly getting nutmeged and rainbow moves which send the ball swishing across the room, just barely missing the flower pot, followed by a blood curling scream.  Why scream when it missed the pot? You may ask.  That’s in anticipation of the previous many flowerpots, curios that they have smashed.

Nutmeg by the way is not the one you sprinkle on your French toast. This one is officially a football trick.  Now if you say you knew this, then either you are lying or you are also one who loooveees football.

Discussions about  Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar.  Which player is getting transferred when, why and  to which club, are  topics most frequently featured at breakfast, lunch and dinner. My younger one was in serious pain when Neymar moved to PSG…He moved about at home as if, it was game over for him. A Barca fan you see.

The elder one sends me a picture of himself, in which I can see only his eyes and his palm covers the rest of the face. Supposedly that’s the way a Dybala celebration is…..when he scores a Goal. Then there it the Griezmann one and of course hotline bling…YES I am aware of everything!

Influence is a big thing you know…when football fever is all around you can’t escape it. So hubby has caught on, and joined the football bandwagon on weekend since a few years…and he is taking it straight to the next level with self-claims like “I play like Ronaldo”.   Which has both boys laughing out loud but only behind his back, they let their Dad stay in his bubble of happiness, as pre - ordering FIFA18, depends on it. FIFA if you are listening, we have been diligent contributors since years.

Many an El clasico match  have been watched  on TV with big whoops of Joy, shouts of frustration…with a variety of finger foods planned specially for the match. It’s a joy to see pure glee on their faces when their favourite teams do well….there is always a Ronaldo vs. Messi war on at home… I keep shuttling and supporting who ever I feel needs my support that day. But a Ronaldo fan for sure.

I love watching a good game of football and use its influence to be inspired in other ways. So here are some football paintings and a DIY dedicated to the wonderful game, and especially to my kids. hope you enjoy these, as much as I enjoyed making them.

 All the best to all the teams and wishing everyone  more fooball memories, happiness and glee always .


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