Sunday 19 November 2017

Fashion trend - pom poms.

It’s amazing to see how some trends spread like wildfire. Especially something as humble a pom pom.  

We used them in craft and to decorate in school, but who would have thought it will make its way to fashion ramp walks and more.
These colourful, soft balls of wool are seen in earrings at Zara to street style junk jewellery.  Pom poms are everywhere, on pretty sweater, pullovers, stoles you name it and it is there.

Even fluffy blankets have pom poms attached to the corners, why should home decor be left behind; cushions are going gaga over pom poms too.

Not to forget footwear, a neutral dress and colourful pom pom slippers add the much required pop of colour and fun to any garment.

They also come in different sizes so if you feel they are too much and in your face go for the more dainty ones.  Options in earrings, bracelets are endless actually.

Adding a string of dainty pompoms at the end of a bell sleeved top gives an ordinary top a more edgy look.

Whether you use them as a fashion trend or in your DIY endeavours the pompom way is a great, fun way to go.

If you haven’t caught on with the trend already you must give it a try.
Take a cue from the pom pom people! You can be tiny and still cause a stir. May be the next time instead of saying every dog has his day.....we can just say YOU ARE GOING THE POM POM WAY!

Until next time take care and wishing you all happiness and glee always.



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