Monday 2 April 2018

5 Fashion Trends You Must Try This Spring / Summer 2018

Hey everyone,

So, with summer breathing down on us are you feeling the heat? Even if you do, you can always look cool in some of these amazing 5 trends that are doing the rounds this spring /summer 2018.


Definitely check in to this checks or Gingham trend this spring/summer 2018. Like stripes the gingham print adds the much needed cool factor instantly. Be it a top or a trouser it’s an instant pick me up for the season.


Ruffles have been around for a while now but they don’t seem to go away, they have an uncanny way of curling themselves around garments making them look so trendy and in turn, around our hearts too. Whether its, the tiny ruffle around the collar that makes you look so regal, or if it’s those voluminous ones on sleeves, they are here to stay and a must try what say?


Now I share a strange love for polka dots for me this is a perpetual trend period. I just love them! So for me it’s not that Polka dots will be trending…..for me they are always trending and always will. Don’t be afraid of this fun, retro print there is the perfect one for every one and the classic polka dot is ever so eye catching.  You are going to see a lot more of these cute dots.


This one is easy it’s just that the weather make you gravitate towards those cooling, pastel, sorbet colours. The must have pastel being lavender, mauve or any light shade and hue of the colour of the year 2018 - ULTRA VIOLET. Since I love colour so much, I tend to reach for that bold crimson, red and orange shades every time.  I have to take my own advice and reach for those pastel soothing shades this summer. Just think of the shades on the header of the article.


Come on its spring!  The season of flowers how can you give this a miss? I paint only flowers so you can imagine how much I love them on my clothes too, I know there are many who shy away from this one just because they are so in love with the neutrals it’s as if it’s a crime to give up their black, white and grey. Floral makes everything look   just what can I say? Just so much extra prettier!  At least I think so. Try the trend on hand bag, shoes, scarves anything but don’t give it a miss, please. For me, flowers are forever more so that Diamonds.

Hope you give these amazing fashion trends a go, if you have not done so already. So here’s wishing you all a spring season full of bloom and a sizzling summer only fashion wise.  Stay cool and as always wishing you happiness and glee always.


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