Monday 9 April 2018

Mix And Match Outfits – For A Winning Combination.

Most of us tend to reach out to the same style of clothing every day and spending time gazing at the wardrobe thinking I do not have anything to wear? When in reality as soon as you open that cupboard/wardrobe there are some five things that fall on your head from your over stuffed wardrobe. What? Not five!  More! If so, it’s about time you mix and match your way to a winning combination.

Forgive me for this preachy beginning. I am guilty of this most of the time, and when we face this dilemma, just switch things up a bit to use what we have more creatively.

Going the Indo - western route is the quickest way to mix and match to get a winning combination. Try a chambray shirt, ideal for summer with a bandhini (traditional tie and dye print) maxi skirt, just knot the shirt at the base, it looks cool and is an unexpected winning combination. A white shirt with this skirt would give the same results. The blue and orange offset each other so well.

Teaming up the all season, favourite Jeans with this colourful, bright footwear does the trick, instead of pairing them with the same old flip flops or sandals. The pom poms and embroidery on these can elevate any outfit.


Someone left a comment saying that Orange is their favourite colour for summer the colour of Marigolds and Sunset.  It was such a lovely thing to say!! Teaming up your outfits with colours that are out of your comfort zone can surprise you.  So mix and match could do the trick.

Colour inspires me to select an outfit and to paint too. The “flame of the forest” the tree and the colour orange was the inspiration for this painting. I even named it that. If you look closely you can see the Denim shade in the blue background and orange with all its vibrancy and glory packs in the punch. 

Hope you like the painting!! So try mixing up colour combination to get a new winning combo. What little trick do you have to refresh your outfits in your wardrobe? No, heading to that Forever21 or H&M sale is not the answer I am looking for. Let me know if you have one.

So hopefully we have lots of outfit options to wear and if we are still getting clothes landing on our heads……then we don’t need creativity we need to organise ASAP!!

Here’s wishing you happiness and glee always.


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