Saturday 12 May 2018

Happy Mother's Day

Wishing my Mom a very happy Mother’s day!! What can I say to a Mother who has taught me everything, and still inspires me, whether it’s cooking, baking or to be more creative and most of all always to be a better version of me. I guess, all I can say is a BIG thank you MOM for being such a wonderful, loving and caring Mother.

Cooking is her passion and as long as I can think of she has been baking cakes, and believe me when I say she does not need any occasion, the smell of freshly baked cakes is synonymous with her. It continues till this day and equipment no equipment, oven or no oven.  She probably would  just heat up some stones on a pan and bake a cake. Wait! I think I have eaten that one too.

Patience is another thing she has in plenty and I look up to her for that and try to inculcate it but, that for me is work in progress still and let’s leave it at that.

Positivity, Deep faith in God, Kindness, and Generosity towards not only her children or grandchildren but towards all is worth emulating.  Thank you MOM for everything.

It’s wonderful to receive something handmade from your kids on Mother’s Day or any other day, initially it’s those lovely little cards with drawings on them that one gets, that you appreciate so much only to realize you are holding the card upside down. Ha Ha!!    Now days it’s hi tech cards that I receive. Made on Scrap Mechanic zip zap lasers shoot from here and there and lo and behold the tower opens with happy mother’s day. It’s so fascinating to see it again and again and so endearing too that they put so much of effort in it.

But I went back to basics to make this simple card with some paints and paper and a lot of LOVE. Hope you love it Mom.

Here’s wishing all you lovely mothers out there also a very HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.  As always happiness and glee too!


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